Assunta de Rossi, dalawang buwan nang buntis matapos ng 16 na taong paghihintay nila ng asawang si Jules Ledesma

Matatawag na mirakulo ang nangyari kay Assunta de Rossi dahil matapos mag-antay ng 16 na taon ay magiging soon-to-be parents na sila ng kanyang asawa na si Jules Ledesma.

Credit: Assunta Ledesma Instagram

Si Assunta ay ikinasal sa businessman at dating politician na si Jules Ledesma noong 2004.

Si Assunta ngayon ay 37 taong gulang na at ang edad na ito ay masasabing hirap nang magkaanak kaya malaking pasasalamat ng mag-asawa at nabigay sa kanila ang matagal na nilang hiling.

Credit: Assunta Ledesma Instagram

Sa Instagram account ni Assunta ay ibinahagi niya ang kanyang karanasan sa pagbubuntis.

“Wide awake. This has been my life even before quarantine started— just being in bed all day, feeling horrible. And before anyone asks why I look like I’m on my way to the afterlife, allow me to list down all the symptoms I’ve had to endure this past 2 months: ✔️ Fatigue ✔️ Nausea ✔️ Tender, swollen breasts ✔️ Food aversions ✔️ Constipation ✔️ Dizziness ✔️ Heartburn”

Credit: Assunta Ledesma Instagram

“On March 5, 2020, I paid a visit to my OB-GYN after not seeing him for 3 plus years. Why? I had missed my period. An ultrasound scan and blood test confirmed later that day that I was about 5 weeks pregnant. I know, shocking! Getting pregnant the natural way with myoma and endometriosis (which I both have) is extremely difficult. Only medical intervention or a miracle can make it happen. This was a miracle!❤️??❤️ Anyway, what scares me now is I’m already on my 14th week, and I haven’t gained an ounce of weight. Everything I eat goes to my tummy and ( . )( . ) ?”

“What about you? How’s quarantine been treating you? Comment down below with your boobie emoji. Charzzz!!! ? #MiracleBaby #14weekspregnant #Haggardo”

Credit: Assunta Ledesma Instagram

Marami ang masaya sa ibinahaging ito ni Assunta.

“I’m so happy for you!!! Congratulations sis!!! Finally. God is great. Luv you!!! Keep safe & healthy.”

Credit: Assunta Ledesma Instagram

“Yaaaaay! Praying for a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby, Sam ???”

“Wow! What a blessing ?????? Congratulations Sam and welcome to the club ♥️?? God bless you and your little one. Eat healthy and avoid raw foods like sushi.”

“CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Good is good!!!”

“Wonderful blessing @assuntaledesma ❤️ Congratulations!!!! Sending love for a healthy pregnancy and baby ????”