Jake Ejercito, sinabing “great co-parent” si Andi Eigenman sa kanilang anak na si Ellie

Kamakailan lang noong bumisita si Jake Ejercito sa Siargao para bisitahin at magkaroon din ng bonding sa kanyang anak kay Andi Eigenmann na si Ellie. Nakauwi na kasi sa probinsya ng Siargao si Ellie kasama ang kanyang ina. Kaya naman, todo effort na pumunta si Jake dahil namimiss na din niya ang kanyang anak.

Credit: Andi Eigengirl instagram

Unang beses na nakapunta ni Jake sa Siargao kaya naman na enjoy niya din ito lalo na kasama ang kanyang anak. Ibinahagi naman ni Jake ang isa sa kanilang mga bonding moments na mag-ama. Mapapanood dito na sila ay talagang napaka close at mayroon ding malalim na relasyong mag-ama.

Credit: Jake Ejercito instagram

Kaya naman, pinupuri talaga si Jake sa pagiging isang ama. Pero para kay Jake, “Been receiving lots of positive comments about me being a “good” dad to Ellie. Though I am truly humbled by and appreciate all the kind words, I honestly don’t think I’m doing anything special.

Credit: Jake Ejercito instagram

I’m just trying to be the best dad for my daughter. With that said, I’d also like to point out that I couldn’t have done it alone, especially at the beginning at such a young age and in a less than ideal situation,” saad ni Jake.

Credit: Jake Ejercito instagram

Sa halip, ay pinuri ni Jake si Andi sa pagiging isang magaling na ina at co-parent niya.
“God knows how it would’ve turned out without the guidance and support extended to me/us by my parents, siblings, relatives, friends, and our kasambahays. And of course, Andi’s been a great co-parent too. They da real MVP’s!,” pahayag pa niya.

Makikita naman sa video kung gaano kasaya si Ellie at Jake at enjoy na enjoy sila sa pagligo sa swimming pool. “The photos and videos you see are mostly just me and Ellie, but it does take a village to raise a child and boy do we have an awesome one.

To all young dads out there, there’s nothing more fulfilling and beautiful in the world than to grow with and be best buddies with your child ? Anyway, here’s a clip of our first pool day in almost 2 years. Cheers from Siargao! Uno,” dagdag pa ni Jake.